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JAN. 17, 2018

Excited to announce that we will be playing this years Sloss Fest! More info at


DEC. 26, 2017

Very excited about sharing the stage with Phoebe Bridgers! If you missed us at Saturn be sure to check this out! Tickets available here.


DEC. 19, 2017

Tune in to Birmingham Mountain Radio again this morning!! We will be hanging out with Will Lochamy and Scott Register, talking about our Dec. 22 show at Saturn Birmingham. Pulling up to the station now...


DEC. 19, 2017

Pre-Xmas gift from Flower Moon Records! I feel like a high school athlete choosing a university to play for. We are so excited to release our new record with them!!

DEC. 9, 2017

New record. Day 1.


NOV. 27, 2017

Join us for our last show of the year... before we announce some BIG news for 2018! December 22nd at Saturn Birmingham with Holy Youth and Andrew Bryant (Water Liars)!!!!!





Taylor Hollingsworth and Kate Taylor singing together is a match made in heaven, (or maybe hell, if the devil has anything to do with this, which would not be surprising).  You might know Taylor from previous solo albums or bands but most likely from Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. He was the guitar player who also wrote and sang "Snake Hill" and "Air Mattress" on the album Outer South. If you’ve seen Maria Taylor play then you have most likely seen Kate in her band either playing keys, drums, or bass, and most importantly, harmonizing the soft beautiful back ground melodies. Nowadays, Kate and Taylor have joined hand in hand and formed a band.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dead Fingers might just be what you’ve been waiting for!  In a time when guy-girl duo’s are becoming quite popular, this one is not just some gimmick, however perfect the timing and package may be.  You would almost think Kate was married to her manager, or record label exec., who was having them act like they were romantic just to sell tickets and albums. But in fact, this Alabama duo are recently married and the two recorded their first self titled full length with Bruce Watson (RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, AA Bondy), released on Big Legal Mess/ Fat Possum Records in 2012. Dead Fingers released their sophomore album "Big Black Dog" in 2014.

While showing a wide range of styles, ranging from duet styled songs like those of John Prine and Iris DeMent, X, or Lee Hazelwood and Ann Margaret, to straight up great classic rock bands like the Stones, Beatles, or even Traveling Wilburys, this band should find a nice home with fans of more current duo’s like She and Him, Jenny and Johnny, or Civil Wars.







FEBRUARY 1    The Basement    Nashville, TN

FEBRUARY 2     Heavy Color    Florence AL

FEBRUARY 12     The Syndicate Lounge w/ Phoebe Bridgers    Birmingham, AL

MARCH 3     The Nick w/ High Up & Whispertown     Birmingham, AL

MARCH 23     The Alcove     Tuscaloosa, AL

APRIL 21    Uncle Randy's Six Mile Music Festival

JULY 14/15    Sloss Fest    Birmingham, AL